Wedding favors

Couples are very often thinking what to give their guests as a little favour, small thank you for coming. Here are some nice ideas:

– Traditional czech wedding cookies – can not be missed aqt any czech wedding, wrapped in nice box with ribbon or cellophane, look great either as a part of the table decoration or on a separate table at the entrance

– Czech ginger bread – decorated hearts or figures of bride and groom

– Czech crystal – nice are flutes with engraved name of the couple and their wedding date

– Pashminas for ladies – not to get cold outside at night, in wedding colours

– Cigars for men

– Caricaturist walking around your guests and making their picture is always welcomed

– Wine bottle with designed label

– Traditional czech liquer Becherovka, bottle of Slivovice (plum or pear spirit) or little bottle of traditional Bohemian sparkling wine

– Flip flops or folding shoes for the night dancing or the way home

– Sugared almonds – not traditional czech, but quite popular

– Picture of Prague, framed or nice postcard

– Fashion jewellry for ladies

– Cupcakes with guest´s names

– Homemade Czech honey – love is sweet

– Bamboo sticks for a good luck

Very appreciated are also welcome gift bags given to the guests´s hotels, that usually contains following:
Detailed program of the pre-wedding and wedding day, with addresses, useful contacts etc
Map of Prague
Metro ticket
Bottle of water and little snack for exploring Prague
Book of Prague
Little bottle of Czech Becherovka (or Sparkling wine or Slivovice)
Chewing gumms
Hangover pills