Uhelny Mlyn


• approx. 30 mins from Prague, private train can bring you and your guests directly to the venue from anywhere

• capacity of approx. 150 people for dinner

• type of cuisine – upon wish (catering)

• rental fee required


The coal mill (Uhelny mlyn) building dates back to the 1930’s. Coal mills have always been a stamp of the engineering industry. We can see how they’re still present in evolving technology, like in the boiler room (Kotelna).

Both buildings were built from bricks from the local Fischer brothers construction company, burnt from locally mined clay and are interconnected with the now inoperable underground shaft, which used to transport coal dust.

With technological advancements, the previous use for the Úhelný mlýn was lost and it was retired from use and transformed into an storage building for office supplies. The fate of Úhelný mlýn was indefinitely sealed after the floods in 2002. The new age and revival of the building came when projects for its renovation came in 2010.