Troja chateau


• wedding receptions for up to 180 people in the Main hall, for up to 200 people in the Stable hall

• amazing garden suitable for ceremonies, cocktails or parties under the sky

• type of cuisine – upon wish (catering)

• rental fee required based on the chosen premises


Troja Chateau is a grandiose 17th century affair, complete with French gardens, Baroque sculptures, splendid vaulted ceilings and a wonderfully detailed (illusionist) mural in its Grand Hall.

The chateau’s most prominent feature, an overblown, yet still impressive external (horse-shoe shaped) staircase, leads from its main entrance to the formal French gardens below. Ornamented by statues of the ancient gods of Olympus triumphing over the Titans, a multitude of Baroque figures adorn both wings of the staircase, while the balustrades incorporate two of the rebellious giants in battle.

Inside, the Chateau’s richly decorated (and fully restored) interior sets the scene for what is undoubtedly the highlight of any tour – the Grand Hall. Painted from floor to ceiling, the room is a gushing tribute to the Hapsburg Dynasty, with frescoes depicting the triumph of Emperor Leopold I’s forces over the ‘infidel’ Turks. Elsewhere, the top part of the Hall displays murals portraying the bravery, wisdom and success of the Austro-Hungarian empire of the age.

The Grand Hall is used for only selected type of events for very prestigious groups. Stable hall, the previous stables with baroque frescos, is another great place to make your wedding receptions, with the capacity up to 220 persons. Chateau garden is also very popular for wedding celebrations.