Discover the unique magic of a place, where past and present, history and future, nature and culture are bound together in an unique mix. Chateau Trebesice is a small renaissance country chateau with its own homw farm, a wonderful complex of landmark buildings from various ages, on extensive grounds rich of water features and gorgeous gardens, just 90 min driving from Prague.

You may explore the beauties of bohemian countryside in the comfort of a very special private home, surrounded by historical buildings, contemporary art and bounty of flowers.

You can enjoy uniqiue experience of staying in a renaissance chateau. Trebesice is not a hotel, but a private house lived in by its owners and opened to demanding guests. You will discover a rich, vibrant mix of historic, authentic atmosphere and contemporary art works which no photo can convey, stroll and relax in our english country style gardens.

Just four, very special suites are available, each unique, with its own different views, site specific artworks and feeling. You may pick up the one which suits your taste or try them all, one by one.

Every space is flooded by sunlight coming from every side and reflections from the water in the moat surrounding the castle on three sides.

Wedding ceremony 

Ceremony can be arranged basically anywhere at the chateau.

Wedding reception

The three main common spaces of the chateau (The main hall, the breakfast room and the library) are large enough to cater for large event, preserving at the same time a very intimate, domestic scale and lots of cozy corners.

The main building dates back to XVI centur, with 3 wings and 2 towers, and it is surrounded by a water moat.

Plan of the owners are more ambitious – they imagine a large series of different gardens, taking up step by step all the outdoor spaces between tge various buildings, each garden with itw own feeling and atmosphere. Main models and inspirations are the wonderful gardens of England, created through the XX century around old country houses and manors with endless fantasy and invention and the „potagers“ or ornamental kitchen gardens of France, where vegetables are grown for their beauty too, mixed with flowers.

Starting from 2003 czech and international artists have been invited to stay at Trebesice, in individua lor group residences, for a few weeks or some months, to create artworks and site specific installations. The owners believe contemporary art os the best way to bring back new life and new sense to old buildings which have been made empty by recent history and aimless by the changes in agricultural technologies.