Tereza and Jakub

Sept 2014

Day 1

Wine degustation at chateau Valtice, followed by traditional czech dinner at Klaret penzion

Day 2

Ceremony at chateau Valtice

Cocktail and lunch at Rendez Vous

Dinner and evening party at chateau Valtice

60 guests, Czech couple

Photo by Petr Pelucha

To my surprise, Jakub proposed me in a very romantic way in Moravia, a gorgeous place in the south of The Czech Republic. Although, it was after a four – year relationship, it was completely unexpected for me. At that time, I was sure, he would show me the vineyard which he had bought to me. It´s necessary to say, a present like this would be like an absolute disaster for my busy life, which is placed in Prague. Today I don´t own a vineyard, but it was worth it, I wear a stunning ring and have a great husband.

Jakub and I had been planning this day for a year. To be honest, I had been planning everything around it! Fornunately I´ve met Andrea (Exclusive wedding in Prague) who helped me a lot. I would never think that arranging the wedding could be so complicated. At the beginning we were at all clear about the place of wedding – Valtice, Moravia and catering. In view of the fact that I run a catering company and delicious food was the only wish of my husband concerning the wedding day, we didn´t have to look for this kind of service. The rest of the services were recommended by Andrea and we were so lucky to have such amazing floral arrangements and such smart printed materials. Simply to say we had met some cool people along the wedding journey including an outstanding photographer Peter. His photos have proved how tallented he is and how unique artist he is. It was pleasure to have him around.

The days leading up to the wedding were hectic, of course, but perhaps the best part was how relaxed the entire day was. My planner, Andrea, and everyone who cooperated on our wedding made the day so easy and stress free. Thanks a lot. I think it was both first and last day when I felt like a queen.

My advice to other brides is to enjoy every moment of the day and trust your planner!