St. Cyrillus and Methodius


• type of ceremony – orthodox

• available dates and times – anytime, 10.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.

• capacity of the church is approx. 60 people

• length of the ceremony is around 30 min

• wedding ceremony can be in English or Russian  


An orthodox Church of St. Cyrillus and Methodius is well known through its crypt which in 1942 was the last hiding site of seven Czechoslovak paratroopers (members of the British Commandos) sent from England to take part in the underground resistance movement against the Nazi rule installed after the occupation of the Czech lands by the German armed forces in 1939. Their hiding followed the assassination of the top Nazi whose name was Reinhardt Heydrich (the Nazi Protector of the Czech lands and their real ruler). The assassination carried out by two of the hiding paratroopers made the Nazis furious and led to their brutal revenge including the levelling to the ground of Lidice, the village near Prague. As for the inhabitants of the village: all men (173 of them) were shot dead, women sent to a concentration camp and the majority of children gassed (a few of them given to German families for “re-education”). As a pretext for this atrocity it was claimed by the Nazis that the village co-operated with the assassins. This was not true, no evidence of this co-operation ever existed, the village was selected as a target of the Nazi revenge just at random.

The hiding place of the paratroopers was at last betrayed; one morning the church was besieged by the Nazi troops and after a fight lasting the whole morning the paratroopers ran out of ammunition and all seven committed suicide.