Siv-Elisse and Ole Peter

June 2018

Ceremony, cocktail and reception at Villa Richter

Norwegian couple, 40 guests

Photo by Dmitri Tkachuk

Dear Andrea

I hope you are enjoying a well deserved vacation.

I just want to thank you once more for the perfect wedding that you planned for us.

Every vendor you picked out for us delivered their best and the result exceeded our expectations.

You organised the day so good that we could relax and enjoy the day. I put away my watch and cell phone and left the wedding day all in your hands –  that is a perfect feeling to have on your wedding day!

Please send a big thank you to Jitka, she did an amazing job and I was so happy with the result.

The bridesmaids were super happy and I promised them to send a big thank you to their Make up artist as well.

The photos speak for them self! WOW! Dimitrij did an amazing job and went out of limits to get the perfect picture. I love the balcony picture!

Thank you, Andrea!

Wish you all the best for the future.