Simone and James

April 2007

Wedding ceremony at St. Nicholas church

Reception at Zofin palace 

British couple

50 guests

Hi Andrea,

I was just unsubscribing from this but thought I’d send you the link first- not sure if worth looking at advertising on as it’s a pretty popular site for people getting married in the UK.

Hope all is well and glad to hear that the money finally got through- can’t apologise enough- as I said and as per their summary they had our money for ages though I’m surprised to see that your bank must have been taking at least 5 days to credit the funds once they had the money too- they were much quicker on the first 2 payments.

Feels very surreal looking at some of the photos which we’ve been sent by friends and family- it was such an amazing day and we really can’t thank you (and Tom!) enough for making it so special- everyone was really impressed by the high standards of everything!  Will make sure I send the Bohemia events link when I email everyone as you never know who’ll be planning the next one!

All the best and thanks again,


Private photos