Sarina and Valentin

May 2022

Day 1 – Civil ceremony at the Old Town Hall

Day 2 – Wedding ceremony and reception at the Artiseme

Izraeli couple

26 guests

Photo by Evgenyia Ovsyannikova

Video by LoveFilms

Oh my got Andrea….

It took us a while, we just needed to gather ourselves again after this amazing wedding we had.
There aren’t enough words to describe our feelings during that day.
Everything was just perfect, much more then expected!
I can’t even explain how thankful we are, and how blessed we feel for choosing you to plan our wedding.
It was just beyond, we loved and enjoyed every minute and every second.

We could never have done it without you.

You, your team. Everything was so professional and well organized.

It was as if we were in a dream.

You are amazing Andrea!

I really want to call you when you’re available to thank you properly. Let me know when you have the time.

Love you so much and again, thank you!!!!!