Sarah and Terry

May 2016

Elopment wedding at Vrtbovska garden

US couple

Photo by Dmitri Tkachuk


Out of all of the decisions we made about our wedding, working with you and Andrea was easily the best choice we made. It is hard to imagine our day being as beautiful, special and stress free with out you. It was truly a pleasure planning everything with you and we enjoyed getting to know you as well! Every detail turned out absolutely perfect and we cannot recommend Exclusive Weddings enough.

Thank you for everything,

Terry and Sarah Jones


Hi Bara,

I am well, getting settled back into work and married life 🙂 We definitely had a wonderful time while we were there. I hope you are doing well as well!

I would be happy to write up a reference sometime this week and I will email to you as soon as I do.

Thank you again for everything!