In the St. Georges monastery’s archives from the Prague Castle, is a first mention of the Trojan vineyard. Situated in Troja, it was producing wines for our kings, generations after generations. Since the 18th Century, the little property, was named after Jan Kašpar Salaba, the owner. The modern history of the Salabka vineyard began in the years 1953 – 1955.

During the communist regime, the vineyard was abandoned. Then Professor Vilém Kraus resurrected it 15 years ago: a rare breed of an old clone of Riesling was left. In total 10 000 grapevines were specially imported from France like during the kingdom of Karel IV. in the 14th century.

On the right bank of the Vltava River, Salabka vineyard covers an area of approximately 4.5 hectares only. In the immediate vicinity of the Botanical Garden, Salabka is known as the largest vineyard in Prague to produce only top quality wine.They produce approximately 10 000 bottles of wine per annum. In 2015 they start the production of 2 000 bottles per annum of brandys and grapa as a first distillery in Prague.

Wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremonies can be held in the wineyard, on the terrace or inside the building. Reception can be again outside on the terrace, in the restaurant or smaller gorups can use the degustation room.

Wedding reception

The restaurant was built on the remains of historic barn, keeping the original cellars. The cuisine is full of sun – soleil. Style full of taste and aroma from Provence, Mediterranean Sea and orient – this is sunny cuisine. They carefully choose the best quality food from their suppliers with regard to the current season. Therefore comes concept based on a seasonal menu.


The property also offers apartments, respectively named after flavours: Cassis, Lavender, Rosemary, and after wines’ names: Pinot Noir & Rosé and Riesling, which is the wedding suite.