Rebecca and George

October 2009

Wedding ceremony at Vrtbovska garden

Reeption at U modre kachnicky

Hong KOng – US couple

20 guests

Photo by Stepan Vrzala 

Hi Andrea:

I just wanted to say thank you again for all of your help in planning our wedding.  I also want to apologize for not recognizing who your husband was until after he left our wedding reception dinner.  I thought he was simply a driver who had basically hung around for a bit at our reception dinner after giving us a ride from Old Town to dinner.  I did not realize that he had taken over the planning/support for you and that he was your husband.  I guess that I had other things on my mind that day 🙂  Please let him know that I said thank you and we appreciated him being there.  I think that you and we had done such a good job planning everything that there was very little to do on the actual wedding day.

Anyway, I am sure that Rebecca will be in touch regarding pictures, etc. I just wanted to be sure to personally thank you for everything.


Hi, Andrea, sorry for the late email. It’s been crazy busy with work since we came back. We really appreciate all that you have done. The day couldn’t be more perfect. Hope you are doing well and best wishes to you and your baby.

Many things during the wedding have exceeded our expectation. The flowers are absolutely stunning! The restaurant was wonderful. We can’t imagine to have our reception at a better place. The decor was wonderful and charming. The food was absolutely fabulous. Stepan was an very attentive photographer and I can’t wait to see the pictures. Do you know when we will see the pictures? Thanks again for all your help.

Best wishes. Rebecca.


My wife and I are from two different backgrounds – I am American and she is Chinese.  We wanted to be married in a country that has a different culture than ours, is charming and unique, has great people, is interesting and has unique sightseeing for guests, and would be a great launching point for us to travel on our honeymoon.  Prague, with its well preserved 13th century architecture, location close to our other favorite parts of Europe (Austria, etc.), and warm, hospitable people, was an easy choice.  Thank you to the people of Prague for having us.  After traveling around the world, we can confidently say that you have one of the most beautiful city landscapes we have ever seen.