Polina and Jamie

September 2013

All inclusive wedding at Mandarin Oriental

Russian – british wedding

30 guests

Photo by Alexey Skachkov

Video by Primetimevideo

Dear Andrea!

Oh my God!!!!! It is incredible!!! Leos is incredible!!! Two days and such an amazing video!!! Tears and goosebumps! J said:”two days?!! This man is insane!!” Leos is a treasure!!!!!! Sorry for so many emotions. Love it!!! Feel like running all way to Brno to hug him. Right we want to hire him when we bring our kids to Prague to take a family video.

How are you? How are you feeling? Hopefully better? This nasty cold got on us too but we are not too bad, just hoping that you are feeling better. We spent really nice two days with our families. It was so difficult to leave Mandarin that we even went back cause we forgot our cake:-) still eating it. Soo yammy! Even kids loved it. Yesterday we went to Moravsky kras, it was wow!

If we perhaps could meet you up today or tomorrow for a quick coffee we would be happy. I know you must be busy, so don’t worry too much about it if you can’t. I think we will be back to Mandarin for our honeymoon next summer.

I believe there are still small payments we need to make. I will check everything in detail when we are back home and will do it straight away. Is it ok?

Thank you so much for our day (I’ll say it many more times but this is a quick thanks). You are a treasure too! I can’t believe how lucky we were to find you and that you accepted our request to be our coordinator. You are incredible! Thank you!

With all our love and gratitude,

Jamie and Polina


Message from parents:

Hello dear Andrea,

We do hope that you are feeling much better now. I know Jamie and Polina visited you yesterday, but I needed to add our thanks once again for the most fabulous, magical, emotional and truly extraordinary wedding arranged for our children and families. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel is second to none and outstanding. Tomas and his staff were first class, personal and nothing was too much trouble, we were truly blown away by it all. I truly believe in fate and Polina was meant to have found you, as she said, their guardian angel.
This will stay in our hearts forever and you made it happen.

If anyone I know in the future wishes to do a similar ceremony, you would be at the very top of my list of recommendations, without question. When we met in February, there was snow, and that seems not that long ago now, but you even ordered the weather, which made Prague shine like a jewel in the crown, I loved every minute or every day.

Thank you again, warmth and love to you and your lovely children.

With very best wishes,

Lyn and Martyn Clark xxxx