Panstvi Dlouha Lhota


Spaciousness, luxury, unique atmosphere & a cute attention to detail – this is Panstvi.

The very first topographical mention of our site appeared in written sources about 1336under the name given by its then-holders, the Bavarians from Strakonice, Bavorov Lhota. Bavorov Lhota belonged to Pičín estate, which Bavorov has been holding since 1289. During the 17th century the fortress was rebuilt into a Baroque castle. In the 18th century, a French garden was built on the slope behind the castle. Bechyně’s chateau was held with the estate until the end of the 18th century, when they were forced to sell it to the Benedictines at St. Nicholas in the Old Town of Prague. From 1773 the ownership of estate was changed to Růžena Stenzová, nee Pechová. In 1838 the estate was bought by the merchandise of Prince Rudolf Colloredo-Mansfeld, who joined this estate with his property of village in Dobříš. The last owner of the castle was Mrs. Marie Eiflerová, who bought it together with the surrounding areas just before the Second World War. After the war, the castle served to the local co-operative farmers as offices and apartments, and was ruined due to insufficient care and funding. The proces of rebirth to its original beauty with the castle complex as we know it today “Panství Dlouhá Lhota ” is the clear result of  endeavour and investments.

Wedding ceremony

Civil wedding ceremonies are available on request.

Wedding reception

There are a few options for the wedding reception – outside in the park, in the tent or at the restaurant.


They offer rooms “STANDARD” in the main building of the castle „Hotel Panství Dlouhá Lhota“ and if you prefer „modern-style” rooms, they have available Exclusive and Deluxe  rooms at „Konírna“ building („Horse stables“) situated in the courtyard of castle „Hotel Panství Dlouhá Lhota“. Hotel offers total 21 rooms.