Natasha and Danijel

June 2013

All inclusive wedding at Mandarin Oriental

Brasill – Croatian couple

40 guests

Photo by Stepan Vrzala

Video by Profimovie


Dear Andrea,

You truly are a diamond. The wedding was exactly how we dreamed. It turned out perfect and I would change nothing. I am just speechless. Everyone loved you and complimented me on organisation. Still digesting the perfect day.

Big hugs

Natasha & Danijel


Dear Andrea,

I hope you are having a well deserved break! Do you have any more weddings before you fly back to Prague?

My whole heart is alive and I feel so happy since the wedding. It was the best day of my life!! & everything went perfect & so so so beautiful. It was magical and I feel God did the perfect weather for us (its super cold in Prague now).

When you are back and you have some time – I would like to meet for lunch! & thank you personally.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday!! You look so beautiful!!

Big hugs



Dear Andrea,

I do not know how to put into words how magical my wedding was. I am simply still speechless..

If you look back at January when we met – and I was all nervous and almost wanted to have a wedding Danijel and I. You must be smiling inside.. because you were right.. !! You knew me better then I knew myself. You made my dream become reality. (Just like in the wedding invitation).

I LOVED getting married.. every single second of the day was perfect.. I will keep this day, this memory in my heart forever and it was all because of you.

I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am.. and how special you are to me (always).

You made me feel like your only bride & I secretly think my wedding was the most beautiful.. 😉

Do you have a lot of weddings at the moment? I imagine you must be quite busy..

Please know, if you have a bride who was nervous like me – you are welcome to put her in touch with me.

Lots of love  (& hope to see you soon),


P.s. I loved your blog entry today – I was lookin at pics all day.. cant believe that was my wedding

P.p.s I must tell you my mother adored you!!