Monika and Jeremiah

October 2015

Day 1

Pre-wedding party on the boat

Day 2 

Wedding ceremony at St. Nicholas church, cocktail and reception at Zofin palace

Day 3

Brunch at Kotleta

German – Iranian couple living in Canada, 60 guests

Photo by Dmitri Tkachuk

Video by Primetimevideo 

Hello Andrea:

We are finally settling back into regular life in Canada! Jeremiah came down with a sinus infection right when we returned and between that and unpacking and family events, we have been quite busy. We can’t believe it was only two weeks ago that we were sitting and having lunch together at Kotleta!

We both wanted to thank you once again for your amazing support, help, encouragement and the coordination that you provided throughout the last year, and most importantly, during our actual wedding celebrations. All of our guests commented on how professional, calm, and pleasant you were, and I know that both of us so appreciated how you handled everything on October 5; all the small requests and last minute changes. At the end, when people here in Canada ask us how things went for the wedding, we respond: “better than we could have planned or imagined”. You and your assistant truly handled everything and it was absolutely magical for us. The guests said that everything was like an actual fairytale!

Also, Dmitri had said it would take a few months to get all the photos over to us, but we were wondering if you could please ask him if its possible for us to have one or two of his favorite shots now (preferably from the ceremony)? We want to mail thank you cards to everyone who sent us a gift (and some of them weren’t at the wedding) and so we wanted to send along a few printed photos. Can you please check with him if its possible?

Also, Leos and his assistant were amazing!! Do you have any idea when we can expect the “highlights” video?? I know Leos said the full video would take around six months, but I remember something about the highlight video being much soon? We are waiting every day for that haha!

Thank you again!


Monika & Jeremiah