Melnik castle


Since Princess Ludmilla, who was born in Melnik, the Castle has become the residence of the queen widows of Bohemia. Under Emperor Charles IV Melnik became a royal city.His last wife had the chapel of the Castle with gothic vaults built.

The last queen who resided in Melnik, was the wife of Jiri Podebrad. In the following centuries the Estate of Melnik has been pledged to different noble families. In 1542 the Castle has been reconstructed in Renaissance Style and the two arcades richly decorated with sgrafitto patterning have been added.

During the Thirty Years War, the Castle was abandonned. In the year 1646 Count Czernin started a major reconstruction and had the Early Barroque southern wing added. The Count purchased the Melnik Estate form the Emperor. The heiress of the Czernin family, Countess Ludmilla Czernin, married in 1753 Prince August Anton Lobkowicz. With the exception of the Second World War and the 40 years of communist rule, Melnik Castle remained in the family.

The present owner Jiří Lobkowicz is renovating the Castle since 1992.

The vineyards of Mělník lie approximately 35 km north of Prague at an altitude of 200 metres above sea level. Mělník forms part of the Czech wine region, one of the northern-most viticultural areas of Europe. The vineyards of Bohemia do not form a contiguous wine region but consist of several vine growing districts situated on the south-facing slopes of the valleys of the rivers Elbe, Vltava, Berounka and Ohře, each with its particular microclimates. The vine growing district of Mělník has 160 hectares under vine making it the largest vineyard area in Bohemia.

Wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremonies take place at the Big hall with unique collection of maps, or in romantic Green saloon. St. Ludmila chapel is opened for catholic ceremonies. For those who prefer outside ceremony is prepared romantic castle garden ort he castle courtyard.

Wedding reception

For the wedding reception can be arrangec one of the castle rooms, or lovely private terrace of the prince Lobkowicz with an amazing view to the confluence of the river Vltava and Labe. Also medieval wineyards can be used for reception,or use it for private wine degustation.


For newlyweds would be arrange lovely suite, the other guests can stay in the hotel just opposite the castle.