Martinic palace


• type of ceremony – civil, church (protestant), symbolic

• ceremonies take place at the beautiful Main hall or outside in the garden

• available dates and time – on request

• capacity of the hall is approx. 80 people

• length of the ceremony is around 25 min

• ceremony is in Czech, translated into English (or any other language)


The four wings palace is a part of Prague landmark reservation registered on UNESCO list. It stands at the begining of Kanovnicka street, the main front faces the Hradčanské square. The Palace belongs to the most beautiful renaissance houses in Prague that date back to the half of the XVIth Century.

The last female member of the family, Mrs. Marie-Anna Clam-Martinic, sold the palace to Mrs. Josefa Weitenweber, who started renting the rooms. In 1835 the northern wing was hit by a lightning and after this happened Mrs.Josefa sold the house to Mrs. Barbara Trödl, who rapidly increased the number of families living in the palace. After political changes in 1948 Martinic palace was nationalized, which, in this case, was really helpful. In 50ties the first restoration works started and the great reconstruction lasted from 1966 till 1972. After the restoration had been terminated The Center of the Chief Architect of the City of Prague moved in. Since 2002 our palace has had a private owner again.

Main Hall 
The Main Hall with the capacity for 200 persons is located on the first floor, being easily accessible from two staircases. The Main Hall offers an ideal room for most festive events such as weddings etc. Equipped rooms to both sides of the Main Hall can serve as cloakrooms or places for rauts and catering. Both the Main Hall and a chapel with original fresco decorations and ceiling painting date back to the 17th century.

The garden is situated behind the Palace, being accessible from the street or from the central courtyard.

You will find the courtyard in the middle of the Palace, the access being directly from the Hradčany Square.