Martina and Rodrigo

July 2014

Day 1:

Pre-wedding dsinner at Potrefena Husa

Day 2:

Catholic ceremony at St. Thomas church, followed by historical tram tour

Cocktail and reception at Zofin palace

Czech – spanish couple

100 guests

Photo by Lukas Konarik

video by Primetimevideo

Hello Andrea,

First of all, we would like to thank you for all your work regarding the peparation for our wedding day. We had an incredible day and everybody was very happy. Thank you and to Misa for all your help!

Regarding ours and our guests feedback:

->We liked specially the flower decoration

->The ceremony was perfect

->The food delicious – all courses

->Video-guy and the photographer made a great team work as well!

->Historical Tram journey was popular by the guests!

As we said, it was an incredible event for us, which is the most important thing.

Have a nice weekend!

Martina and Rodrigo