Luci and Tobi

September 2021

Wedding ceremony and reception at Panstvi Dlouha Lhota

Czech-German couple

70 guests

Photo by Petra Vosecka

Andrejka! Our heart. Perfect wedding in every detail.  And mainly thanks to coordination. Your job will only be to enjyoy the day from xyour preparation to the end of the party. Andrejka solves out everything for you and look after everything, so you do not need to do anything and just enjoy your day and do not need to do anything. Only you exidt on the dayf for Andrejka. She is also perfect diplomat, finds win-winsolution between you and vendors.

She has natural authority, so you will be in best hands when you are dealing with vendors.Andrejka will do everything to let your dreams come true, whether it is moving the chaors to the tent, taking care of enough drinks for your guests, removing webs from the swing, putting ribbons on the birdal bouquet. preparation of thematic corners or opening doors to the vendors and controlling all goes well. Your wedding is just once in your life, so put your wedding in her hands.

Thank you do much for doing our day so perfect. We will never forget.

Luci and Tobi