Leanne and Matthew

February 2007

Wedding ceremony at the Old Town Hall

Wedding reception at the hotel U Prince

Brtiish couple

30 guests

Dear Andrea

Thank you very much for making Matthew and Leanne’s wedding so very special.  We all enjoyed it very much.
It was lovely to meet you and your husband.  You look absolutely radiant.

Good luck with the birth of your baby and thank you again.

Fondest regards



Hello darlings!

hoping you are both very well, and that baby is also, andrea when is your birth date and was hoping you could give us your home address please? Matthew and I are really well, we have had some fabulous weather, but sadly the rain has arrived.

Freya has had a birthday 11 years old now! and Portia turned 16 years old and has left school now!!! aaargh!! i feel so old!! hehehe Portia will go back to do exams and then she starts college in September, she will move away and she wants to be an equine Dentist!( horses)

It is the mums 60th birthdays this week Joans tommorrow and susan( my mum) on sunday so Matthew and I are organising a surprise Garden party on saturday afternoon, I ordered the weather !! hot and sunny of coarse, so should be a lovely weekend.

Six weddings! thats great,business is obviously thriving, well you are fab at what you do!!

We have only just got our photos back this week so we will hand pick a few and post them to your home, then you can scan them as we do not know how

give our love to Thomas  and glad to hear he is getting back to normal.

love to you all

Leanne and Matthew xxxxxxx