Kris and Andy

November 2007, ceremony on the boat

Wedding dinner at V Zatisi

Hi Andrea,

Andy and I hope you and your husband, Tom, are well and that Amelie (Magic Baby) is feeling much better.

We had a nap Wednesday afternoon, then to the concert which was so moving, another emotional event for both of us.  The Rudolfinum, small concert hall, 8 players.  To listen to the music now means so much more than ever before.  Today I purchased Dvorak in Prague and Johann Pachelbel: Canon & Gigue.

I just wanted to let you know of course we got home OK and hopefully we will be among those who actually make it back to Prague when they say they will be back!  You live in the most beautiful and captivating city I have ever visited.

We so enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you.  When you visit the States, please look us up.  You could stay in our Provincetown cottage on the ocean!  Something to think about.

We are looking forward to our photographs.  What a Day!

Fondly and with best regards,
Kris and Andy

Hello Andrea!

I thought you would like to know we were happy to receive the package with documents and photographs; and we are VERY pleased with photos, we look at them over and over again.  We do not have very many pictures of us together and so these are especially nice!  And look, there is Andrea! and there are the swans! and everything so beautiful.  What a day!

And, ta da…

We are returning to Prague for my birthday on January 10th.  I am booking trip today; same hotel, same flights, one additional night; leaving on the 17th.

Of course we hope to get together with you during this time – join us for dinner?  Concert?  Walk in the park??

Looking forward to hearing from you and Best Wishes to you, Andrea.

Kris and Andy