Kirsty and Mark

June 2017

Symbolic ceremony, cocktail and reception at Villa Richter

US couple, 60 guests 

Photos by Stepan Vrzala

Dear Andrea

What can we say?  You made our Wedding Day the absolute best day of our lives!  It was amazing, we loved it so much!

We have no idea how you did most of the things that happened… things just appeared as if by magic, everyone and everything were exactly where they were meant to be!  We think that secretly you are a magician!

It was so amazing not to have to think about, let alone worry about, anything at all on the day.

Don’t know how you sorted out the weather – you certainly must have connections!

So many amazing things…

  • Yasmin – perfect hotel
  • Boat trip – awesome get together
  • Špejle – great recommendation for family meal on Monday (there were 18 of us and everyone loved it!)
  • Michal – he was just PERFECT.  Everyone loved him
  • Aristoquartet – there are no words!  Especially letting Kirsty play with them!
  • Lukas and Jana – brilliant – cannot wait to see the photos!
  • Malik and Tomas – so nice, really looking forward to seeing the video
  • Villa Richter – awesome, amazing venue, food, hosts – special big shout out to Peter and the Sommelier (can’t remember his name), they were always there with drinks and a smile!
  • Jitka – so calm, made everyone feel at ease and look beautiful
  • Radka, just lovely to everyone
  • Veronika (flowers) – everyone commented how lovely they were, especially the ‘nod’ to Scotland… they were exactly what we wanted
  • Veronika (cake) – it was perfect, again, just what we wanted – we are still eating it!!! Delicious!
  • Tram ride – such a great idea, thank you for the suggestion! Great start to the day
  • Cars – on time, no worries, nice drivers, no hassle
  • Roulette – we would recommend this to everyone, brilliant fun.  Mark’s Mum had never played, but now she is hooked!
  • SmyBox – awesome memories and especially kept the kids entertained – we have hundreds of pics!
  • Dance Mat – great fun… he is just too good at it!
  • DJ equipment – exactly right
  • Evening food (see Villa Richter) – but cheese was amazing!


but most of all…

  • YOU!

It was all the little things as well as the big ticket items, we literally could not have done it without you.

If we can write a testimonial on your site or anywhere please let us know, we just want to make sure that anyone wanting to get married in Prague chooses you!

We hope we can meet up with you next time we are in Prague or of course if you ever want to come to Dubai!

Please find attached a little gift from us, we hope you enjoy it.

Looking forward to photos, videos, marriage licence etc etc!

But for now, HUGE THANK YOU!!!

Lots of love,

Mark and Kirsty xxx