Kathryn and Gary

June 8th, 2006, Old Town Hall

dinner at Celeste, 3 guests


we are now home and able to reflect even more on our spectacular Wedding day in Prague.

We will always be grateful to you for not only pulling this together in record time, but also for the incredible coordination of all details  that made the event go so smoothly and stress free.

The dinner at La Perle was absolutely amazing, and a great finish to the day.

We look forward to receiveing soon news that the package is on its way . In the emantime, if I could ask one more request: perhaps the photographer has some existing photos of the dancing building exterior as well as the view from the terrace of La Perle that could be included with our wedding photos or emailed as jpg attachments? It would be nice to capture the venue that completed our special day.

In the event you have potential clients who request reference, we would be grateful to share our experiences.

With best regards,


Dear Andrea,

Fantastic to hear from you! We hope you and your business are well.  Your services were fantastic and the best decision, other than getting married, we made. You are the best!  But, I still awake during the night with images of 808 and hundreds of people. What does that mean??

Yes, we are still the same and enjoying wedded bliss.  Rome was fun and we await even more photos from the Hilton.

Peter The Enforcer had a great bike trip to Vienna but did not find love. Boo.

Our Summer has kicked in to high gear with wonderful weather. I can send you some images if you like.

All the best,

Gary & Kathryn