Karen and Andrea

June 2010

Wedding ceremony at the Powder tower

Reception at Golden Well

German – Italian couple

20 guests

Photo by George Hlobil 

Dobry Vecer Iva!
Long time we do not write to you, so here we are with some news.

We hope you are doing fine and you have been enjoying some relaxing holidays, so you are ready to take care of your next customers.

From our side, we are doing fine.
We have been receiving the documents, the pictures (including wallpaper) and we went to pick up the envelop sent by Andrea containing the Italian version of the wedding certificate.
We have been busy in checking the pictures, in bringing personally the marriage certificates to the proper places, we had few days off in Southern part of Switzerland to recharge our batteries (we have been in Lugano and it was really nice from the weather and environment point of view… just one thunderstorm and a lot of sun!) and now we are here to write you.

First of all, thanks from the deepest of our hearts for your continuous support during the entire “project”.
We have been realizing the difference you made in taking care of the preparation and making everything in your range to give us a wonderful day for our marriage.
In the effects, we did not have any other focus than ourselves during June 19 as we were sure everything was ready and, in case of need, Iva would have taken care for us!
The way you have been handling with us, the clear and open way to present alternatives, the “adventure” at the Italian Embassy (never on Tuesdays!!), the support you have been giving us increased our level of confidence in your personal and professional skills.
We have been really impressed by the wedding ceremony as well… the representative of Prague 1 has been using wonderful words… we felt he was not just reading, he was really feeling what he said and we felt it as well. In such moments every detail is important and this aspect was really crucial. With Karen we always comment, looking back at the picture of the ceremony when this guy was talking, that he was like a sort of grandpa explaining what a marriage is to a younger generation.
It was nice, really and we appreciated the value of the words… funny, we could agree totally!!!!!
We have been pleased by your presence at the reception and we honestly thought was the minimum we could do to prove our appreciation for your hard work you made for us.
We felt we were not just customers for you, but very close people to support 100000% to make sure that special day was going to become unique and unforgettable.
Thanks Iva for all, we know you understand what we mean with those words and that they are sincere.

We have been receiving the pictures and decided to see them only when we had enough time to enjoy them.

We can confirm you the first impression for both of us was just “WOW”… we have been enjoying every photo and we have really seen our feelings captured by George in the right moment. All the pictures are really exceptional and George’s “belle epoque” style is really visible on the black and white photos.
We have been showing them to some colleagues in the office and everybody was really deeply impressed. One lady working with Karen was getting jealous as her wedding pictures (taken just few days before our wedding by a part time professionist) did not meet with any expectations.
In front of this comment, we felt even more lucky!!!!!!!!
We have been writing to George to personally thank him for the enormous job he made and for sure, in case you have a chance to talk to him, please confirm him our fully gratitude to have managed to capture the real spirit of our marriage.

Our live together started in the best way we could imagine… and now we continue step by step together to face what life is going to prepare for us…

Ok, we do not want to take too much of your time that could distract you from activities for another customer, so we close this message sending you a picture we like to watch when we think about our friend working in Prague.

Thanks for all once more from the deepest of our hearts.

If you would like to stay in touch with us, just for a quick hello once in a while, we would greatly appreciate it.

Take a good care of yourself,

Karen & Andrea