How to save money

There is never enough money, as people say and nowadays, in corona crisis, we will propably have to think about ways how can we save something.

Wedding is occassion that is not absolutelly necessary, but will bring you lot of happiness, joy and one of the most beautiful day in your live. It is like choosing holiday – you will spend some money, but memories willl always stay in our hearts.  And this value is countless.

This all does not mean that your wedding has to loose the charm… We just need to think about it and quality of the wedding won´t be affected at all.

Here are a few tips from professionals:


  1. Weekday versus weekend – believe that many vendors gives you better conditions for wedding during the week.
  2. Season – weather is lovely also in October and you can again save money
  3. Ceremony in the afternoon means that you do not need to serve lunch
  4. Wedding website – this is not even that much money saver, but definitelly better for timing, Instead of time spent by answering questions about venue, gifts or transport, prepare wedding website, where your guests find all answers.
  5. Choose venue that does not require own vendors. I am sure they might be great, but maybe more expensive.
  6. Find venue that looks great already without decor and flowers. Venues that need transformation will always cost you lot of money – rent of furniture, equipment, decor etc.
  7. Althought photobooth is great idea, use Polaroid if you need to save money. As a nice backdrop can be f.e. flowers from the ceremony.
  8. Transportation costs – choose all under one roof location, or venus that are close to each other and guests can walk from one to the other.
  9. Consider carefully number of guests. Trendy are smaller weddings, but designed into details.


  1. Be green – greenery is cheaper then flowers, but can look very elegant and classy. You can also combine it with the flowers, but greenery will remain dominant.
  2. Use seasonal flowers.
  3. Use ceremony flowers at the reception. Cerenony should look sumptuous and classy, but flowers will b ethere for around an hour…Think about it and ask your florist to create ceremony decor the way you can use it later.
  4. This saving is another big trend – instead of room full of flowers focus on one main decor. It can be f.e. beautiful ceremony arch at the entrance to the hall, or flower cloud above the dance floor.
  5. Be organic and compose fresah fruit into the decor. You can also spray it by gold or silver.
  6. Use artificial flowers. Believe us that nowadays you can find beautiful artificial flowers that look like real. Bridal bouquet should be from fresh flowers, but the opther decor can be combined.


  1. Do not print menus for everyone, 2-3 pieces per table are enough. Or write menu on a board that can be seen by everyone.
  2. It ia also not necessary to have name tags. Prepare seating plan with guest names, but everyone can find own seat at the table. Believe it works very well.


  1. One of the biggest items of the budget is alcohol and we are sure you would like to host your guests well. In case you need to decrease your budget, pay just for wine, beer and soft drinks, or choose only certain type of spirits you will pay for. Not necessary to pay for 50 years old whisky…
  2. Champagne/Prosecco is often served before and after the ceremony, as a toast, together with the cake. This is not necessary and you can reduce it.
  3. Choose carefully menu. You can save money if you do not offer seafood, steaks or veal.
  4. We know that buffet is less formal but also cheaper then served meal. Or you can combine your dinner – family style starters, served main course and buffet table with sweets.
  5. Should you cut the cake later in the evening, not as a dessert, cake can be smaller. Not everyone will eat it in the evening, like ladies on diet….
  6. Skip food that requires additional staff you would pay for – chef making fresh sushi, pasta etc.
  7. Combine late snack and gifts for guests – make edible favours like fresh popcorn, cookies etc.
  8. Use local sources.