Horsepark Kamenny Dvur


Horse Park Kamenný dvůr is situated in picturesque countrysidenear Dobříš city. There used to be Bukov castle’s farm, which belonged to Colloredo-Mansfelf family. A modern riding center was built up in its place and now offers horses stabling in spacious box stalls with 24/7  high quality care, a riding school and four riding-halls with commodious facilities for riders and comfortable accommodation.

The farm dates back to 1879 which was carved into the beam of The Špejchar, required detailed reconstruction and incorporated modern elements into the original historical building and surrounding greenery. An aged mulberry (a unique one in Příbram region) and a poplar tree grow in front of the main gates. The preserved brick arches in the stable shape box stalls that excel in their superior size. The stone Špejchar works as a lounge and The Big Club will surprise you with its view of the countryside…

You will fall in love with the beautiful surroundings, perfect service and unique atmosphere of Horse Park Kamenný dvůr  Come and experience this magical venue, where century-old values are combined with modern comfort.

Wedding ceremony

There are two options for wedding ceremonies. The first option is to hold the ceremony on the square of the equestrian complex, symbolically in front of the statue The rider from the sculptor Michal Gabriel. The second option is the “Wedding Meadow“, which is an extraordinarily romantic place with panoramatical view into the surroundings..

Wedding reception
The Horse Park Kamenný Dvůr also offers the inside premises, where you can organize a wedding reception or a party for your friends. If you wish to have one large wedding table you may prefer the Big Club, which will fascinate you with its charming old English atmosphere. If you prefer a more informal atmosphere than there is the authentic renovated Spejchar.

There are eleven double rooms including two luxury apartments, that are perfectly created for an unforgettable wedding night.