Elliott and Cherrie

June 2015

Blessing at Clementinum

Hong Kong couple

Video by Profimovie

Hi Andrea,

Thank you very much for your arrangements and being so nice to us (especially for your patient w/ my many of questions :p). We are still enjoying the moment 😀

Would you please help us to thanks the Officiator, Michal, and the cameraman, Marek, once more again (I m not sure I recall their names correctly, sorry). As they do really good job in our ceremony, and we are looking forward to the videos too :).

Also, would you please help to let Mark knows that we are not going to disclose our wedding ceremony videos and pics on our Facebook yet, it is because I told my relatives that we will marriage in Sep (of course my mom knows we do it in June), and I told them this trip is only for pre-wedding photos. And I will let Mark knows when and which videos he can upload to Facebook later.

Once again, thanks a lot. Wish your business keeps doing well. 😀