Danielle and Darren

October 2021

Wedding ceremony at St. Thomas church 

Wedding dinner at The Augustine 

British couple

10 guests

Photo by Ovsyannikova

Hi Andrea

Life is good. We are great thank you. Crazy that it is all over so quickly. But it was fabulous.

The pictures are beautiful she captured some really lovely moments. I have downloaded it onto the google app. What is your best advice to do with them do you put them on a memory stick or something else. I’m thinking I would like to do something nice with some of them. I will be doing an album of them anyways. But just wondering what you thought.

Danielle x


Glad to hear you are a little better. Thank you, I will look into this for pictures. I appreciate it.

Also thank you so much for everything you helped us with and for everything you did. You made our day so special and beautiful.

And as I said before if you ever come to visit Ireland let us know. we would love it !  You would be very welcome 🙂

Xx D&D xx