Coloredo Mansfeld palace


• wedding receptions for up to 70 people

• additional lighting required

• open bar available (unlimited consumption of house wine, beer and soft drinks)

• type of cuisine: upon wish (catering)

• rental fee required


Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace is one of the most outstanding examples of palace architecture in Prague, with a rich combination of building styles combining elements of High Baroque with subsequent Rococo and Second Rococo modifications. The Baroque building, located at one of the most frequented sites of Old Prague near Charles Bridge, has foundations dating from the Romanesque and Gothic periods that had previously been rebuilt in the Renaissance style.

The Baroque dance hall is the most splendid and probably the best preserved space in the Palace. Its decoration was completed around 1736–1737, with a ceiling mural depicting a gathering of the Olympian gods created by the mural painter Pietro Scotti and the quadraturist Giovanni Battista Zeist.

Wedding ceremonies may be held on any day of the week. The ceremonies are held in the Dance Hall (virtual tour) located on the first floor of the palace. The hall is accessed via the palace’s piano nobile, offering a unique experience of spaces rich with traces of the past.

Social events may be held in the Dance Hall (virtual tour) and the adjacent small salons of the piano nobile. Due to the technical condition of the Palace the present maximum capacity of the hall for social events is 90 guests. The richly decorated Baroque hall with an area of 160 m2 can be used for organising gala dinners, receptions and conferences.

There is no heating provided in the Hall during the winter months.