Chateau Heralec


After entering the castle gates and walking through the beautiful historical front door you walk into the arrival hall, overwhelmed by the spaciousness and beauty. Their ambition is for our all guests to feel fantastic at our resort, to the point they will not want to leave.

Treat yourself to a luxurious experience and the comfort of a magnificent estate – become the guest of unique boutique hotel. Here you can find modern service standards in an atmosphere of times long by, when the ladies and lords walked up the wide stone staircase, dined under the magnificent arches and drank wine in the dark wine cellar. The five petals of the Heralec rose, half dipped in red, half dipped in silver, have become a new coat of arms for the castle, symbolizing quality, luxury, comfort, privacy and uniqueness.

Whether you decide to treat yourself to a swim in pool or a professional massage, relax in warm jacuzzi in the castle turret or just lie down on one of Chaise lounges in the resting room or the English park, there are numerous opportunities for you to forget the outside world. The golf simulator, located in a spot that were once horse stables, is also fully at your disposal.

Directly at the castle, the entire southern wing is dedicated to your comfort and relaxation. Under the original medieval arches laid with a silver glistening mosaic, you can find a private swimming pool with an adjacent resting area. Benches laid with comfortable pillows in the window sills invite you to sit in them and rest. You will discover a spacious Finnish sauna, herbal Swedish sauna and cleansing steam sauna. Massage area is the perfect place to indulge in true relaxation. Services of a professional physiotherapist are at your disposal, as well as our beautiful resting room – a long hall under the castle orangery, that connects the park and the interior of the castle in a very original way. The jacuzzi in the castle turret offers absolute privacy and comfort. For those that like to relax in an active fashion, we have our fitness equipped with the most modern technology.

Wedding ceremony

There are a few options incl. English park, castle courtyard, castle interior and Chapel of St. Anna (both catholic and protestant ceremonies available).

Wedding reception

Wedding reception can be arranged at function room, where the maximum capacity is 70 people at the round tables.

Restaurant with unique atmosphere is situated in the oldest part of the building. The culinary experience is enhanced by classy dining and beautiful, hand-made glasses and chalices that remind one of the Murano glasswork style, each individually colored to resemble stained glass windows. The concept of restaurant’s gastronomy derives from the best of traditional Czech cuisine, combining it with fresh and modern inspirations. They try to utilize as many regional ingredients and products as possible, something that is immediately palpable in both the smell and taste of food. The ambition is to cook without any chemical additives, artificial coloring or flavors and with as many fresh ingredients as possible. ‘Cherries on top’ of the gastronomy services offering are things such as huge collection of French wines from Bordeaux, large selection of Cuban cigars, delicious desserts and picnic menu.


Spaciousness, luxury and creativity are definitely three words that characterize the rooms and suites in Chateau Heralec. Choose from any of them, either names after previous castle owners or paintings from old maestros lent by the Regional Gallery of Vysocina, and you will be amazed. The old meets thew new here in a very harmonious way, allowing each of our guests to indulge in absolute relaxation. There are 19 rooms in total, 10 extra beds can be added, i.e. 48 beds total.