Chapel of John the Baptist


• type of ceremony – blessing, protestant

• available dates and times – anytime, 10.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.

• capacity of the church is approx. 40 people

• length of the ceremony is around 30 min

• wedding ceremony is in English


The chapel itself is a very simple structure and one of the oldest in Prague. It was probably founded before the Romanesque sections dated from 1240 were incorporated. Although it was damaged later, during the Husite wars, it has not been extensively reconstructed. History of the Ujezd settlement to which the Chapel of John the Baptist upon Laver has always been central, reaches back to the beginning of the 12th century.

Significant, but sensitive late Baroque alternations from the first half of 18th century include the oratory on the northern side as well as the windows in the opposite wall and the west front. The quality of these alternations indicates work by Kilian Ignace Dientzenhoffer who was active in the vicinity at that time.

The chapel is a simple, yet very interesting, due to the composition of various architectural elements dating from several epochs. Such as the narrow Romanesque windows in the southern wall, Gothic Sedile in the presbytery, Late Gothic to early Renaissance loft and gable, the Baroque addition of the oratory as well as dynamic forms of the windows. Several works by Frantisek Bilek (1872-1941) are the most valuable part of the interior.