Cervena Lhota


• type of ceremony – civil, church (both catholic and protestant), symbolic

• ceremonies are available on request

• civil wedding ceremonies take place at the ceremony hall, castle chapel or at the castle park under the blue sky with the view of the castle Cervena Lhota

• there are catholic ceremonies available, small chapel at the castle garden with amazing view to the castle. The capacity is approx. 40-50 guests (for ceremonies with more guests would be at disposal church at Destna village – approx. 5 min driving from Cervena Lhota).

• length of the ceremony is around 25 min

• civil ceremony is in Czech, translated into English (or any other language), church or symbolic ceremony in any language


The castle is located 150 km south-east of Prague (2 hours driving). To the castle belongs a beautiful park with a lake. You have a great opportunity to have your wedding at the Castle Cervena Lhota. You can have either civil or church ceremony.