Cervena Lhota castle


Cervena Lhota Castle is located in Southern Bohemia, approximately 200 km from Prague. It stands at the middle of a lake on a rocky island. It is connected to the land by a stone bridge.

 Wedding ceremony

You have a great opportunity to have your wedding at the Castle Cervena Lhota. You can have either civil or church ceremony. There is a ceremony room at the Castle, which has been reconstructed in spring 2004, or your ceremony can also be at the Castle’s Chapel or at the Castle’s park under the blue sky with the view of the Castle Cervena Lhota.

There is only catholic ceremony available, ceremony is being held in the small chapel at the castle garden with amazing view to the castle. The capacity is up to 50 guests (for ceremonies with more guests we can offer you church at a village, approx. 5 min driving from the castle).

 Wedding reception

Cervena Lhota Restaurantis located directly across from the Castle Cervena Lhota. The restaurant’s building is historical listed, which gives the opportunity to enjoy their meal by an unrepeatable atmosphere with the view of the castle. The restaurant offers a light International cuisine with emphasis on a modern touch to the presentation of the food.

The restaurant is divided into two sections – smoking and non-smoking with capacity approx. 70 people. If you prefer to enjoy your event in a private company with your guests then other restaurant with capacity of 80 people can be offered. There is also the opportunity to use the outdoor grill facility or just sit on the terrace with the directly view of the castle.


The capacity is approx. 40 beds; there are 9 rooms (2-4 beds, extra beds available).