Brigitt and Ron

June 2007, symbolic ceremony on boat

Reception at Alchymist hotel, 2 people

Hallo Andrea and Martina,

first of all thank you very much for sending the certificate and the DvD. In reply on this mail, yes we had a more than wonderfull time in Praque!!!! Everything was more than wonderfull and looking at the DvD we shared some (more than some hi hi) tears together. The filmer made something beautiful work which gives us a beautiful memory for life! Will you thank him again and the photographer as well, because the pictures are also perfect.

It took me some time to answer you, because I tried to send you some pictures from our wedding in Zaandam, but it did not succeed, I will try again later if I can find somebody to help me with it.

Will you send us also a namecard from the photographer and the filmer, also that would be nice.

Than we are very curious how you are doiing now!! We hope that everything still is going well. Anyhow we think about you and of course your husband.

We hope to hear soon from you! however I can’t open my email because there is a fold and I need help to solve it.

With kind regards Ron and Brigitte