Being wedding planner

Being wedding planner…

Hiring a wedding planner is no easy task. Being a wedding planner isn’t a regulated industry like being a lawyer—there’s no degree or overseeing institution that accredits planners, so the entire proces might be challenge!

We are offering full-service planning, in fact around 200 hundred hours of work on your dream day, so what do we actually do?

  1. Help to hire vendors

We will help you to book every professional for your dream day, from officiator to band and stylist. Even if you already found your venue, we are here to manage the conversation, negotiating rates and providing timeline.

Are you in the proces of choosing the venue? We will arrange site inspection, visit with you all the venues, inform you about pros and possible difficulties to make sure you made the best choice.

  1. Not just the wedding day

Planning pre-wedding dinner, brunch the day after, meet and great on the boat? We are here to help, this is part of our services, built in the contract. We attaned all meetings, site inspection, arrange ceremony rehearsal etc.

Some venues are offering their in-house wedding coordinator, but please bear in mind that that person will likely only be coordinating the specific details that venue is responsible for providing, like food. They may not be focused on helping you juggle all the little details that will make your special day so special.

  1. Design and production

In addition to planning we help with design and production. We conceptualize the look and vision the whole day. This is always team work – from couple´s vision to the cooperation between us, florist, lighting company, venue manager. We help with the decisions that will give your event a stylish and sophisticated look.

  1. More then decor

We love to create design for your wedding, choose the right colours, discuss desserts, but our work is also about else. Succesfull planning is more then just the beauty. We keep your  event running on time, function as mediator between you, vendors and also the guests. We will of course focus mainly on you, but ensure yor guests will feel comfortable and have memorable experiences. Deliver welcome bags to the guest room, remove the red wine stain from the dress, call taxis, all those large and small details make guests experience.

  1. Team work

There are always minimum 2 onsite coordinators on the wedding day. People responsible for catering, transportation, decor, everyone has its own duties. And head planner being on the top of the pyramide. We will fight for your wedding viison and keep everything on track.

We are on the market for more then 20 years already. Our position is very strong, we built great relations with many vendors, which sometimes allows us more then expected.  We are repeating business, so vendors aim to make us happy and hire them again.

  1. Budgets and contracts

We create the budget for every client and manage the payment schedule. Sounds easy, but this is very responsible part of our work, since we operate with your funds. We can stretch your budget because we know what’s more important.

  1. Full service means also little things

Tiny details like steaming clothes, arranging group photos. We are on-hand from the moment

you hire us to the day you receive marriage licence and final photo and video are delivered.

  1. Trust

We are here to organise one of the most amazing day in your life. And this is huge responsibility! We need to feel immediate trust at this long journey with a lot of emotions…

Sincerely yours,