• located in Velkopřevorský palace
  • type of cuisine – upon wish (catering)
  • rental fee required

Wedding ceremony

  • wedding ceremony can be arranged in the garden under “Beethoven tree” or in historical Nika in the garden

Wedding reception

  • in the garden up to 150 people
  • in the interior up to 60 people


Imagine birds chirping, flowers blooming, and the shade of a 300-year-old tree in an eclectic spacious palace garden (1,100m2),  all while sitting in the heart of historic Prague in Malá Strana. Sounds like just the memorable place you were looking for?

Artisème garden is a perfect place for your special event. Its convenient location in the city center makes it easily accessible for both suppliers and guests, while its secluded character and tranquil atmosphere make it feel like a city escape.

Consisting of both indoor and outdoor venues, you can rent both the Artisème garden as well as beautiful garden lounge, Sala Terrena, too. Its interior is a combination of original Baroque frescos and modern design, and the iconic french windows boast character from both inside and outside.