Appoline and Stanislav

Sept 2019

Wedding ceremony at St. Vithus cathedral, cocktail and reception at Lobkowicz palace

Burkina Fasso – Czech couple living in USA

110 guests

Photo by Cristiano Ostinelli

Video by Otash 

Dear Andrea,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how grateful we are for the amazing wedding planning you have done for us.

We couldn’t have done it without you and couldn’t hope for a better wedding planner. The results were astonishing and beyond what we hoped for.

I am sure many will say that you were just doing your job but I hope you know you are did more than that for us. You made our dreams come true and helped create unforgettable memories.

When we started working with you, I did not know what to expect. Not speaking the language and not knowing much about wedding planning, I felt overwhelmed at first but you made the process so much easier and more manageable.

You are not only good at what you do, but also you are always on top of things and everything was of quality. What I like the most about you is that you are honest and you care. Those are the amazing things about you that truly make you special.

I knew with you things were handled and I was always getting the best.

I hope to stay in touch and catch up over coffee or drinks the next time we are in Prague.

We wish you continued success in your business and will definitely recommend your services.

You are truly a great wedding planner and we loved working with you!


Thank you Andrea!

Appoline & Stanislav


Hi Andrea,

Sorry for the delayed response, we’re still slowly settling back. I hope all is well with you. We have returned and painfully getting back to reality.

We had such a great time and you are just amazing! 😍

Speak to you soon.