Appoline and Stanley

Burkina Fasso and Czech origins, living in Las Angeles, that is african princess Appoline and Stanley. They contacted me almost year before their wedding and from the begining we felt great connection.

Couple said that they already have their venue, which surprised me a bit according to their wishes ans style, but we started to work immediatelly on design, flowers, discuss food and drinks. Stan is chef at one fabulous hotel in LA, so we knew that food and drinks will be very important.

Appoline decided to come over and see everything. She arrived just at the bweg of the year, together with mum, sister and friends. They were all so pretty and of course very exotic for us. But we found the provblem – Appoline told me that she has never seen their dream venue in reality, Stan was there as a guests at the wedding years ahgo and this was just not she expected. We had one day to find the right place, so I called immediatelly venues that might fit, we jumped into the car and went to see them. I will never forget how ladies climbed up to the Prague castle, with autum jackets and shoes, in minus 5….But it was definitelly worth!

Appoline falled in love with Lobkowicz palace and althought the venue was 3x more expensive then the original one, couple decided to book it. For the ceremony I kindly asked St. Vithus church and the priest waas so nice to accept ua for the ceremony

We had to change a bit design, since Lobkowicz needs something else, but it was not difficult, Appoline has great taste and know what she wants. Ladies from Africa usually ask for rich and tall decor, full of flowers and that was the case. Lobkowicz palacec has very nice plates and cutlery, so we decided to use their.

The invitations were done in the US, but we organized here menus, name tags, seating plan and  booklet to the church and welcome sign. All went very nicely together.

Sister of Appoline helped us with the music, international and african vibes, so we made pretty cool playlist.

Couple arrived to Prague week before, so we had enough time to do the final tasting at the palace. Cake was arramnged by a friend of Stan, who is pastry chef at one luxury hotel.  Mum baked absolutelly delishes cookies and some other sweets and friend from Moravia arranged great wine.

The party started on Thursday in Pilsner, home town of Stan.  We all stayed at Marriott sand enjoyed african evening with their music, african food ans good wine and beer.

Everyone left Pilsner on Fri noon, we went directly to Prague Archbishop´s to meet the priest and do the ceremony rehearsal. Everything ready for BIG DAY!

Saturday welcoemd us with sun, girls were staying at Mandarin Oriental , at suite in the garden, with a little terrace. Couple decided to hire Cristiano Osttinelli, one of the most famous photographer. It was worht, their pics are just fabulous…

Ceremony was something. Something you never forget…Organisation is definitelly not piece of cake at this church. There are always hundreds of people around and church is closed just a few minutes before the ceremony starts. All the guests were absolutelly perfect, bride was waiting at the other courtyard with bridesmaids and as soon as church allowed us to enter, we moved inside.

Choir, organs, beautiful bride and bridesmaids escorted by groomsmen, it all looked stunning. Ceremony took about an hour and then we all walked through the courtyard to the Lobkowicz palace, about 10 mins walk.

I like to work with Lobkowicz, everything works there, I do not need to worry about anything. We spend an hour with champagne and canapees, took family pics and after that guestsc were asked to get seated in the lovely Kaiser hall. Flowers were everywhere and it was so pretty…Newlyweds did not enter just somehow, we prepared special show when bridesamids entered with groomsmen, their name were always announced and every couple prepared little dance show. Nelyweds entered as last, of course.

Food was very tasty, Moravian wine accompanied it very nicely and after each course was set of speaches. Couple did their first dance before the cake cutting, it followed right after. Bridesmaids got changed in the meantime, since they prepared special dance performance for the beginning of the party. Appoline changed her dress also and they showed guests how african girls can dance! Very attractive.

The rest of the night was about drinking, eating, dancing and having fun. It was one of the most amazing weddings, I met so many nice people and hope will have a chance to see them again…