Alyona and David

January 2011

Blessing at St. Nicholas church

Wedding reception at Alchymist hotel

US couple

10 guests 

Dear Andrea,

I’m finally at work ! We had a major disaster here in Atlanta upon our arrival. They had a huge snow storm and the temperature dropped down and everything turned into ice. The whole city was shut down. We were supposed to open on the 11 but did it  only on 15th. We couldn’t even leave our driveway. It was all ice. Since Georgia is very hilly it was bad. If we only knew we could plan that week in Prague. But first of all I would like to thank you many many times  for everything you’ve done for us. It was just perfect. You are absolutely the best and it was such a pleasure to meet you. You are a true professional!! I will tell everybody about you. Thank you!! Even the trip to Vienna. You arranged everything so well.The drivers came right on time and both were such great guys. Thank you to them too. Vienna is beautiful and delicious but rather expensive and not as cozy as Prague. We are in love with Prague!

As for business. We are very excited to work with you. Yes David can design anything you want , from any material. He does the design first, then he makes a mold and the ready piece. People can even bring us their own gold and old jewelry. They also bring pictures or scathes. We do have a very bad and old web site which we are in the process of updating. ( it’s  you also have to type it on top of the page , not in google place in the middle. Long story. We lost our original domain after 5 years) At least you can see the old on ( 6 years old shame on us!) We don’t use it as much here because our business in word of mouse and people come to talk to us in person. We  did some business on line too. We would love to expand. Meanwhile we can send you some pictures of the recent cool pieces he made with description and everything. I will send you some stuff tomorrow. May be we can talk on skype one day about all details how we can arrange it. Have to run talk to you tomorrow

With all my love


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